The Marines are becoming their tanks with anti-missile tech

The Marines are fitting their tanks with anti-missile tech

The US Marine Corps believes it is time to improve their trusty tanks with know-how that may detect and deflect incoming missiles. In reality, it is becoming a member of forces with the Military to check out the Israeli Trophy Lively Safety System (APS). When Trophy’s sensors detect that there is an anti-tank missile on the best way, it fires small rounds to deflect them. It could possibly additionally use jammers to mislead the enemy. In line with Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, they’re seeing “far more refined menace(s) on the bottom,” and including extra armor to the automobiles will simply sluggish them down. They wanted to show to excessive-tech options to guard the tanks and their drivers, like how the Navy is creating new applied sciences for its ships.

The Corps is already tweaking some M1 Abrams tanks, one of many heaviest on the earth, to find a way accommodate a Trophy system. However that is not all of the Marines are doing to shore up their automobiles’ defenses. Walsh says they’re additionally investing in drones designed to identify enemies earlier than they will launch anti-tank missiles.

By way of: Enterprise Insider
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