Massachusetts, desert, pneumonia, diarrhea, grey, vacuum

Massachusetts, desert, pneumonia, diarrhea, gray, vacuum

To have fun the end result of Scripps’ Nationwide Spelling Bee, Google determined to seek out out what phrases most People wrestle with. The search engine aggregated each question that started with “how one can spell” after which recognized which one was the preferred in every state. Surprisingly, diarrhea is not the phrase most individuals wrestle with, which is Desert and / or Cancelled, relying on the place you reside. Different phrases which have customers stumped embrace Neighbor, Vacuum, Grey and Pneumonia — the latter of which is a preoccupation for the parents in Washington State, Missouri and North Carolina. We’re unsure that the outcomes say something significant besides to make us marvel why Nevada and Arkansas are so preoccupied with Leprechauns. Oh, and individuals who stay in Massachusetts do not know learn how to spell Massachusetts — so this is a tip, it is spelled Massachusetts.

It is the #spellingbee finals! These are the highest “the right way to spell” searches for phrases by state, mapped #dataviz

— GoogleTrends (@GoogleTrends) Might 26, 2016