IBM Watson can customise your canned granola

IBM Watson can customize your canned granola

Don’t be concerned: IBM’s Watson did not whip up a bunch of needlessly difficult granola recipes for a cookbook that you simply should make (for science!). No, we’re speaking about its partnership with Kellogg’s subsidiary Bear Bare, which is the primary shopper model to promote Chef Watson-impressed meals. The partnership made it potential for Bear Bare to launch a web site the place granola lovers could make customized blends. After you choose a base — cacao + cashew butter, chocolate or honey — Watson seems by means of hundreds of attainable flavors to seek out elements it could possibly recommend. It is a quite simple course of, and we want Watson can customise every can of granola even additional. However this might simply be the start of providers powered by IBM’s AI that may personalize canned items and different foodstuffs.