Halo's Arbiter is choosing a struggle in 'Killer Intuition'

Halo's Arbiter is picking a fight in 'Killer Instinct'

If it isn’t Akuma in Tekken 7 or Cloud Strife in Smash Bros., now it is Halo’s Arbiter who’s coming to Killer Intuition. The addition was teased earlier this yr at PAX South, however we lastly get to see how the (as soon as) Halo protagonist will look and struggle. In accordance with the teaser video, the Arbiter is bringing his rifle and glowey knife… factor to KI‘s rogues gallery on Xbox One and Home windows 10 this March. Naturally, there is a Halo-themed staged coming too, in addition to one other character, Kim Wu. The third season will, naturally, embrace a bunch of balancing tweaks and changes to make sure that everybody will get a good struggle. Or at the very least shut to at least one.

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