DARPA is constructing acoustic GPS for submarines and UUVs

DARPA is building acoustic GPS for submarines and UUVs

For all the advantages that the International Positioning System supplies to landlubbers and floor ships, GPS alerts cannot penetrate seawater and subsequently cannot be utilized by oceangoing automobiles like submarines or UUVs. That is why DARPA is creating an acoustic navigation system, dubbed POSYDON (Positioning System for Deep Ocean Navigation), and has awarded the Draper Communications group with its improvement contract.

The area-based mostly GPS system depends on a constellation of satellites that stay in a hard and fast place relative to the floor of the Earth. The GPS receiver in your telephone or automotive’s navigation system triangulates the alerts it receives from these satellites to find out your place. The POSYDON system will carry out the identical primary perform, simply with sound as an alternative. The plan is to arrange a small variety of lengthy-vary acoustic sources that a submarine or UUV might use to equally triangulate its place with out having to floor.

The system must be prepared for sea trials by 2018. It’ll initially be utilized solely for army and authorities operations however, like typical GPS earlier than it, will ultimately be opened as much as civilians as properly.