Darkish matter is (in all probability) extra complicated than you assume

Dark matter is (probably) more complex than you think

Scientists sometimes consider that darkish matter, for all of its thriller, behaves in a easy method: if one clump encounters one other, the 2 work together solely by means of gravity. Nevertheless, researchers utilizing each Hubble and the Very Giant Telescope have revealed findings which recommend that there is extra concerned. They’ve observed darkish matter (the blue strains on this image) lagging behind a galaxy as a result of friction, hinting that there are elements past gravity at work. It isn’t sure whether or not the supply of this friction is a well-known phenomenon or one thing completely undiscovered, however it’s undoubtedly not the standard offender.

It’s going to be an extended whereas earlier than there is a clearer reply right here. The findings solely contact on one galaxy, and there is presently an zero.1 % probability that that is merely a measurement error. Researchers need larger accuracy earlier than they confidently declare this to be correct. If the info is on the mark, although, humanity may have a greater sense of what darkish matter actually is, and the way it impacts the cosmos.

[Image credit: ESO/R. Massey]

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Dark matter is (probably) more complex than you think

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