Bayer to make use of satellite tv for pc imaging to modernize farming efforts

Bayer to use satellite imaging to modernize farming efforts

Marco Bello / Reuters

You in all probability know Bayer for its aspirin. However the multinational pharmaceutical firm has its fingers in additional pies that that — it is also eager to develop into a pressure in agriculture. As a part of a push to concentrate on its Crop Science division, the corporate’s partnered with Planetary Assets, an aerospace tech firm, to create services utilizing knowledge obtained from satellite tv for pc imagery. The aim? To promote providers and instruments to farmers that may make agriculture extra environment friendly and environmentally adaptable. Although the collaboration has simply been introduced and, subsequently, no providers have but been created, Bayer’s indicated a number of key areas the place satellite tv for pc knowledge could possibly be useful: water conservation by way of extra ideally timed irrigation; suggestions on timing for crop planting; and the power to find out what soil will maintain water greatest.

It is value noting this is identical firm that, in 2006, was discovered by the Division of Agriculture to have contaminated over 30 % of US ricelands with its genetically-modified pressure. Bayer ultimately settled and paid out $750 million to farmers that have been economically impacted by export commerce bans. However nonetheless it serves as a reminder that massive enterprise does nothing for the sake of the larger good… simply within the identify of it. So take the announcement of this partnership with a grain of non-GMO rice.