Watch the Rosetta spacecraft rendezvous with a comet beginning at four:00AM ET

Watch the Rosetta spacecraft rendezvous with a comet starting at 4:00AM ET

After ten years in area and lots of complicated maneuvers later, the European Area Company’s Rosetta spacecraft is lastly in place to rendezvous with the two.5-mile diameter comet 67P. Beginning at 4AM EST in the present day (8AM GMT), ESA will broadcast a reside webcast discussing the science and historical past of Rosetta. Round 5AM EST (9AM GMT) Rosetta will start its shut strategy and begin transmitting the primary alerts from the comet’s orbit. As soon as in place, Rosetta will execute a last “shut strategy trajectory insertion,” a six minute thruster burn that may convey it close to sufficient to the comet to be captured by its gravity. Later within the yr, a sixty two-pound lander referred to as Philae will depart the mothership and lock itself right down to the comet with harpoons. Utilizing onboard devices, it’s going to look at its composition and relay the knowledge to earth. In November, Rosetta will tag together with the comet as does an in depth orbit across the solar, analyzing the way it modifications when heated. In the meantime, benefit from the present (under) because it approaches the enormous rock.

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