Viber’s new Public Chats sound a lot like Twitter

Viber's new Public Chats sound a lot like Twitter

As soon as we discuss on-line messaging, there’s sometimes a disconnect between mobile messaging suppliers like WhatsApp and social media platforms like Twitter. Which is odd, because of when you think about it, they’re two halves of the similar ship-temporary-messages-to-each-totally different coin. It’s a concept that’s clearly troubled the mother and father over at Viber, to the aim the place it’s together with one factor known as Public Chats to its system. In essence, Public Chats are discussions between “personalities” that Viber’s clients can adjust to, within the equivalent means you’d watch celebs capturing the breeze on Twitter. As a strategy to kickstart the tactic, the company has employed a clutch of warmth our our bodies that embrace Perez Hilton, Pitbull, Tyler Oakley annd, erm, Copa90, a European soccer channel on YouTube. Sadly, there isn’t a strategy to sneak behind the velvet rope and inform Pitbull what you think about him, since all Viber is offering is a “fly-on-the-wall experience.”

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