Versatile sweat sensors monitor fluids when you train

Flexible sweat sensors monitor fluids while you exercise

Loads of health wearables monitor fundamentals like your coronary heart fee or step rely, however there’s a lot extra to your physique than that. What about your fluid ranges, for instance? That is the place UC Berkeley may assist. It developed a versatile sensor that measures the electrolytes and metabolites in your sweat, alongside together with your pores and skin temperature. If you could enhance your weight loss plan, a fast run may reveal the reality.

The prevailing system is a bit clunky because of its massive circuit board (you at present should put on a dorky headband or wristband), however researchers are assured that it might shrink to a single, subtler chip. You possibly can simply slip this into an exercise tracker or smartwatch, in different phrases. And importantly, it would not be confined to measuring sweat. Ultimately, this might be used to trace chemical ranges in any sort of bodily liquid — in case you have been sick or injured, you’d get a heads-up the second your fluids have been too far out of whack.

[Image credit: Roxanne Makasdjian and Stephen McNally, UC Berkeley]