Two Xprize rivals will share a visit to the Moon

Two Xprize rivals will share a trip to the Moon

Simply because the Google Lunar Xprize is hotly contested doesn’t suggest that the rivals all the time need to be at one another’s throats. Astrobotic and Hakuto have introduced a partnership that may have Hakuto’s rovers (Moonraker and Tetris) “piggyback” on Astrobotic’s lander when it hopefully reaches the Moon within the second half of 2016. The 2 sides will nonetheless compete once they contact down, however they’re setting it up as a race — throughout a convention name, Astrobotic famous that it will watch for the opposite rovers to offer them a good shot and get some additional digital camera footage. The brand new allies aren’t saying precisely how they will cut up the prize in the event that they win, however Hakuto can nonetheless get the lion’s share.

The transfer is uncommon, if not totally shocking. Hakuto did not get as a lot money as Astrobotic from its milestone prize, so it will have had a harder time paying for its moonshot; clearly, that is not an issue. Astrobotic, in the meantime, will get an early buyer for its deliberate supply service. You in all probability will not see this type of harmonious relationship fairly often, however it’s good to see personal area exploration corporations teaming up within the identify of a higher trigger.

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