Twitter Remembers Easier Occasions With #BeforeFacebookI Hashtag

Social media is an enormous a part of our on-line lives now, however a few of us keep in mind the times earlier than we had Fb to remind us of birthdays, assist us monitor down previous buddies and crushes, and present us footage of infants and lunches.

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On Fb’s twelfth birthday (being celebrated there as "Associates Day"), Twitter is having enjoyable with the #BeforeFacebookI tag, the place individuals are riffing on how we ever obtained by with out the ever present social community. Listed here are a couple of standouts.

#BeforeFacebookI needed to stalk my exes with binoculars and camouflage gear.

— Ally Hirschlag (@AllyHirschlag) February three, 2016

#BeforeFacebookI had this one good friend on MySpace…

— Yoda (@OnlyYoda) February three, 2016

#BeforeFacebookI assumed everybody knew the distinction between their, they’re and there.

However we have been incorrect. Very fallacious.

— musicMagpie (@musicMagpie) February three, 2016

#BeforeFacebookI must telephone 538 individuals and allow them to know what I had for lunch.

— Kabir Iyengar (@kabiriyengar) February three, 2016

#BeforeFacebookI was poor in quotes plastered over surroundings, I could not perform. Now my life has which means.

— E4 (@E4Tweets) February three, 2016

#BeforeFacebookI you wouldn’t have recognized how a lot cops love lemonade stands #CopsLoveLemonadeStands #JeffCo #Denver

— Jeffco Sheriff (@jeffcosheriffco) February four, 2016

#BeforeFacebookI needed to carry little stickers with the phrase "like" on them to bodily place on my buddies’ cats and infants. @midnight

— Joseph Scrimshaw (@JosephScrimshaw) February three, 2016

#BeforeFacebookI by no means introduced to each burglar within the surrounding space that I used to be leaving on trip for 2 entire weeks. @midnight

— Yosemite Tim (@timmywenzel) February three, 2016

What did you do earlier than Fb? Chime in on the dialog with #BeforeFacebookI.