Twine-munching weasel briefly knocks the LHC offline

Cord-munching weasel temporarily knocks the LHC offline


Simply weeks after coming on-line from a collection of essential upgrades, CERN’s Giant Hadron Collider was knocked again offline in a single day after a weasel (probably a Marten) chomped by means of the improper energy cable. “We had electrical issues, and we’re fairly positive this was brought on by a small animal,” CERN spokesman, Arnaud Marsollier, advised NPR.

CERN figures that repairs to the system ought to take a couple of days to finish and the machine must be prepared for atom smashing by mid-Might. The weasel, nevertheless, misplaced its battle towards voltage. Engineers investigating the outage found its crispy-cooked corpse on the scene of the incident.