This Once more To The Future iPhone Case Is Utterly Ridiculous And I Want One

We’ve made it! 2015. The yr of hoverboards and self-tying footwear, in accordance with Once more To The Future.

Thus far, we now have neither of those points*. Nevertheless we do have this completely ridiculous iPhone case modeled after Doc Brown’s DeLorean, so we’ve obtained that going for us.

(* though Nike retains saying they’ll launch a pair of self-tying Power Lace footwear this yr)

Whereas nifty previous trigger, the case is… admittedly a bit silly. It makes the already portly iPhone 6 considerably higher, and requires you to slide parts of it spherical to utilize the digital digital camera, and open the automotive’s doorways to utilize the amount buttons. It’s perhaps the least smart iPhone case conceivable, outdoor of encasing your phone in concrete.

This Back To The Future iPhone Case Is Totally Ridiculous And I Want One

Nevertheless… practicality? The place we’re going, we don’t need practicality.

I suggest, come on. It lights up when people identify! The headlights blink collectively together with your ringtone! It makes it look like you’re holding an unlimited toy automotive to your face! What’s to not love?

Constructed by Bandai primarily for distribution in Japan, the case is on the market for pre-order and is about to worth 5,940 yen — or roughly $50, at current commerce costs. Alas, it doesn’t look like Bandai’s ordering system allows you to ship outdoor of Japan… so in case you’re attempting to get one among these stateside, anticipate slightly little bit of a markup.

This Back To The Future iPhone Case Is Totally Ridiculous And I Want One