This man constructed a working hoverbike and someway managed to not chop his legs off

This guy built a working hoverbike and somehow managed to not chop his legs off

If I made an inventory of “Individuals I like enormously however that I’d in all probability by no means hang around with for worry of my life and limbs,” Colin Furze can be proper on the prime. He’s a dwelling, respiration mad scientist.

This dude has constructed useful Wolverine claws, footwear to stroll on the ceiling and wrist-mounted flame throwers.

His newest challenge: a hoverbike. An precise hoverbike.

Positive, he has no actual engineering qualifications. Positive, if he messes up he’ll chop off one thing that gained’t develop again. And but…

He did it. It has no steering system and is insanely harmful (watch round zero:50 and a couple of:10 marks for some moments that would’ve gone a lot, a lot worse)… however it works. After a number of hours of coaching to experience it and after hacking nearly the whole lot off the body, he can truly get it to hover.