This is why ‘Too Many Cooks’ is tailored for the web

Here's why 'Too Many Cooks' is tailor-made for the internet

By now, there is a good probability that you’ve got seen or heard about Grownup Swim’s Too Many Cooks — an epic, warped web video that sends up the overly tidy world of ’80s and ’90s sitcoms. However simply why did this video handle to click on with so many individuals? In the event you ask PBS, it is as a result of the eleven-minute clip speaks on to the guts of on-line tradition. The web is keen on absurdist humor that highlights the apparently meaningless, repetitive nature of life, PBS argues; Too Many Cooks performs on that love of the ludicrous by dismantling a formulaic, “good” TV universe the place every little thing has which means.

Sure, that is surprisingly deep for what’s finally a nicely-finished spoof, nevertheless it is sensible. Most of the greatest-recognized movies and memes, corresponding to Brent Rambo and Keyboard Cat, are humorous exactly as a result of they underscore how bizarre and irrational actual life could be — Too Many Cooks is simply taking that to a different degree. Apart from, it is enjoyable to assume that a philosophy legend like Albert Camus would approve of your subsequent YouTube viewing spree.

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