The Massive Image: three Galilean moons make their method throughout Jupiter

The Big Picture: three Galilean moons make their way across Jupiter

It is easy for Hubble to take footage of Jupiter or its moons, however it solely will get the prospect to seize the planet on cam with three seen Galilean satellites a few times a decade. That is what makes the photograph above particular: it is a image of the fuel big with three of its largest moons (and their shadows) making their means throughout the floor. Hubble used its Extensive Subject Digital camera three to take a number of photographs of the occasion on January twenty third, 2015 — the nonetheless you see above exhibits how the moons have been positioned by the top of the forty-minute interval.

You possibly can inform the Galilean satellites aside based mostly on the colour of their surfaces, so for those who’re questioning, the yellow-orange one (as a consequence of an abundance of volcanic sulphur) on the prime left is Io and its shadow. Callisto, the brown and largest moon within the image, has one of the cratered surfaces within the photo voltaic system. Lastly, the white circle on the backside left is Europa (the identical icy moon NASA needs to discover for indicators of life), leaving Ganymede the one Galilean moon not invited to the get together.

[Picture credit score: NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Staff]

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The Big Picture: three Galilean moons make their way across Jupiter

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