The Huge Image: NuSTAR telescope exhibits the solar blasting out X-rays

The Big Picture: NuSTAR telescope shows the sun blasting out X-rays

Pop quiz, hotshot: what do you get if you warmth fuel above three million levels Celcius? Excessive-power X-rays, in fact — simply the type that NuSTAR was launched to detect. The area telescope took a break from searching black holes to snap its first-ever shot of the solar. When that X-ray picture (blue and inexperienced) is overlaid onto an infrared photograph from the Photo voltaic Dynamics Observatory (in orange), it exhibits how X-rays relate to excessive temperature photo voltaic exercise like flares and sunspots. Scientists need to work out why the solar’s corona (outer environment) is 1.eight million levels, whereas the floor is a mere 6,000 levels — a discrepancy that is like a “flame popping out of an ice dice,” in response to NASA. Although it’d sound dangerous to level the world’s most delicate excessive-power X-ray telescope on the solar, it is truly fairly protected — our star emits loads of X-rays, however only a few of the excessive-power sort.

[Image credit: NASA/JPL]

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The Big Picture: NuSTAR telescope shows the sun blasting out X-rays

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