That is how DARPA’s extreme-tech tanks will dodge RPGs (video)

Here's how DARPA's high-tech tanks will dodge RPGs (video)

DARPA’s new Flooring X-Automotive Know-how problem objectives to design tanks with a lot much less armor, nevertheless are faster and additional agile in consequence. Now, inside the movies, we on a regular basis see these beefy military cars rolling alongside slowly to movement, so faster, grenade-dodging tanks is probably a bit exhausting to consider. Luckily, the corporate launched an concept video that reveals how exactly its superior tanks can avoid getting shot at. Apparently, they will have the potential to duck (fold low into the underside) and swerve out of one of the simplest ways the second they detect menace coming their strategy. DARPA will work on designing these cars for the next 24 months, so hit play on the video beneath, because of it is going to take a really very long time sooner than you see the precise deal.

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