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Fb Right here, Google Now

Commercial Google doesn’t know who your mates are, who you chat with, or what information you care about. Identical to how Fb doesn’t know what’s in your e mail, what instructions you map, what you net seek for, or what’s happening in your Android telephone.

Fb expands search to all 2 trillion of its posts

Fb introduced on Thursday that it’ll increase its search perform to incorporate each publically-out there publish in its archive, not simply these of your mates and appreciated Pages. However this would possibly not merely be a firehose of data, Fb will reportedly segregate and stack

A Rant About How Twitter And Fb Are Burying Information Publishers

Fb LinkedIn A Rant About How Twitter And Fb Are Burying Publishers Publishers are liable to turning into interchangeable. With Moments and Prompt articles, Twitter and Fb appear pleased to take content material from publishers with out ever sending individuals again to their websites —