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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air assessment

What’s that, an alien egg? Nope. Reminiscence foam iPillow? No, foolish, it is a Zeppelin, a Zeppelin Air extra particularly. Bowers & Wilkins introduced us the primary iPod-centric Zeppelin in the midst of the good iPod dock flood of ’07. A number of years later

Freevolt generates energy from skinny air

What you see above might seem like an unremarkable slice of electronics, however it might theoretically energy a low-power system perpetually, and free of charge. If that feels like an enormous deal, properly… that is as a result of it’s. Drayson Applied sciences in the

Final VR simulator throws you round in mid air

Digital actuality headsets can trick our eyes and ears into believing we’re someplace else. Fooling the remainder of the physique is a bit trickier although. Corporations have tried spinning chairs and omnidirectional treadmills, however nothing comes near the “Cable Robotic Simulator” developed on the Max