Storytelling in video video games doesn't should be scary

Storytelling in video games doesn't have to be scary

Benjamin Rivers believes within the dramatic, emotional attraction of the online game business. He is the person behind Residence, a surprisingly complicated, pixelated horror recreation that discovered nice success as soon as it debuted in 2012. It is praised for spectacular narrative arcs that department in twisted, distinctive methods relying on the choices of every participant, and that is exactly the kind of story-centric design that delights Rivers. He sees video video games’ potential to convey convoluted human experiences by means of robust narrative design, and he is bringing these sensibilities to Alone with You, a science-fiction journey because of hit PlayStation four and PS Vita within the spring.

Alone with You stars a lonely survivor on a planet due for implosion in a number of weeks; gamers have to flee with assist from the colony’s AI system, which ultimately takes on the personalities of lifeless crew members. And, it is a romance. A futuristic, interstellar romance starring only one precise human — as a result of that is the type of storyteller Rivers is.

Let’s speak about everybody’s favourite topic: narrative design. What’s totally different about crafting a narrative for a online game, versus a non-interactive medium like books or movie?

The primary problem is what might be perceived as a divide between authorial management and participant company — which I feel is a little bit of a pink herring. Pundits of basic linear narratives typically cite (inherently non-linear) video games as no solution to inform a narrative and recreation designers typically bemoan story parts as obstacles to gameplay. I feel each concepts are false; participant selection is narrative, inherently and implicitly. And sure, it complicates issues, the identical method any gameplay system does.

There’s much more selection with video games; you’ll be able to inform a 3-act story by which the participant will get to take part in some style … or you possibly can assemble a way for a participant to actively create and alter that story, which frequently leads to one thing a bit of askew of the normal three-act play (as Residence did). However storytelling isn’t one thing that may be saved in a desk and quantified — it is a dialog, one which requires participation by the participant, both actively or of their thoughts as they play. I feel we as builders typically overlook that and that is why numerous us are frightened of narrative. It is troublesome to foretell and check, and it is inherently emotional.

Storytelling in video games doesn't have to be scary

What attracts you to create narrative-pushed video games?

For me, storytelling is probably the most satisfying reward in video games. Feeling the gears in your mind flip as you start to know a thriller, studying to empathize with, or maybe even to vary a personality’s conduct — these are the suggestions loops that make my mind buzz the best way somebody may take pleasure in progressing up a degree system.

My different private objective is to show that narrative-pushed video games do not need to be boring or non-interactive or clumsy autobiographies. I feel numerous story-targeted video games get a free move as a result of we get excited by new developments in supply or know-how or entry, however we do not critique the video games themselves.

How lengthy has Alone with You been in improvement and what’s probably the most time-consuming facet of making a recreation like this?

I began pre-manufacturing and conceptual design on Alone With You slightly below two years in the past. The difficulty of improvement time is fascinating as a result of probably the most brute-drive, time-gobbling activity within the venture has been (maybe unexpectedly) creating the artwork. That is why I introduced on illustrator Gavin McCarthy earlier this yr to hitch the trouble.

Nevertheless, the most important time-dump when it comes to mind-area is, in fact, the writing. Alone With You makes use of textual content, as House does, and there’s a lot of it — and meaning plenty of analysis, story notes, background particulars, and so on. To seek out the proper stability between delivering the a number of story arcs I would like the participant to expertise, and to make sure that the participant’s have an effect on on the world feels essential and is sensible — that requires loads of planning. There hasn’t been a day within the final two years that I have never been serious about the plot and universe of Alone With You.

Storytelling in video games doesn't have to be scary

What feeling do you need to instill in gamers of Alone with You?

Alone With You is supposed to engender within the participant a way of camaraderie, affection and, sure, love, though there’s additionally an overhanging layer of isolation as properly, therefore the title. Residence was all about worry, dread, uncertainty; these are broader targets to hit and a bit extra common in some regards. Making a recreation that encourages emotions of affection for a digital character is much more troublesome. Based mostly on inner testing up to now, although, it is working.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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Storytelling in video games doesn't have to be scary

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