Stanford’s Stickybot wall-climbing robotic lizard

Stanford's Stickybot wall-climbing robot lizardWe thought MIT’s slime-climbing robo-snail was fairly, er, slick, however we have now to confess that our new fave wall-climber has received to be Standord’s Stickybot. The robotic gecko has ft coated with a polymer designed to imitate the properties of setae, the tiny hairs on gecko ft that allow the lizards to climb partitions. That permits the bot to clamber freely with out the floor in query having to be doused with slime, as required by MIT’s bot. Not surprisingly, the Pentagon is already eager about adapting the tech for army use in gloves and boots for troopers. We will solely hope this trickles right down to civilian makes use of quick; we’re so prepared to attach with our inside Spidey as we climb the partitions in our gecko gloves.

[By way of I4U]

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