Snowden says encryption and oversight are key to defending the general public from surveillance

Snowden says encryption and oversight are key to protecting the public from surveillance

Chatting with a packed exhibit corridor via a Google Hangout, Edward Snowden stated the keys to defending the general public from authorities surveillance is encryption and civilian oversight. The world’s most well-known whistleblower has stated it earlier than, however reiterated it for the SXSW crowd, that finish-to-finish encryption would go a great distance in the direction of defending consumer knowledge from each spying and attackers. Many present communications methods, just like the aforementioned Hangout, encrypt knowledge at both finish, however corporations typically decrypt your info in between as a result of it wants to reap knowledge to be able to serve up advertisements. If communications are encrypted your complete time, mass surveillance of the type that the NSA has engaged in turns into extraordinarily troublesome and prohibitively costly. In fact, should you’re a goal of the NSA, encryption will not have the ability to shield you. Nevertheless, breaking by means of these protections would require a way more focused assault, fairly than a broad assortment of knowledge.

In fact, encryption instruments additionally must be simpler to make use of. Widespread instruments like PGP (fairly good privateness) and Tor are extremely troublesome to put in and use for the much less technically inclined. The ACLU’s Ben Wizner, who was moderating the dialog, stated that when Tor is the only option for the “common consumer” to guard themselves “we have failed.”

The second important ingredient is public oversight of our spy businesses and authorities. He singled out Michael Hayden and Keith Alexander as having weakened America’s cyber defenses throughout their tenure on the NSA by shifting the company’s precedence to “offensive” operations. The give attention to knowledge assortment meant has meant leaving open backdoors and spreading vulnerabilities. Networks and providers have been designed with surveillance in thoughts beneath their watch, which makes these platforms weak to hackers and criminals, in addition to governments.

You possibly can watch the whole dialog under.

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