Shoot fireballs out of your wrist with Pyro

Shoot fireballs from your wrist with Pyro

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to shoot fireballs from our arms? Because of a brand new gadget from magician Adam Wilber, you are able to do simply that. The appropriately named Pyro is managed with a distant change from as much as 30 ft away and tucks underneath your sleeve to stay hidden. Worn on the wrist like watch, the gadget can shoot 4 fireballs, one from every of its 4 barrels, a distance of 10 ft earlier than needing to be reloaded with flash paper. Pyro is presently bought out, however shelling out $174 will safe one when the brand new inventory arrives December seventeenth. When you’re not into working towards illusions, a minimum of now you will not have to carry a Roman Candle throughout these actual-life flamewars.

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