Sharebox3D Lets You Share 3D Printers With Associates, Household, Enemies

Sharebox3D Lets You Share 3D Printers With Friends, Family, Enemies

The parents behind Sharebot, a easy 3D printer, have taken to Indiegogo to introduce Sharebox3D, a system for sharing 3D printers with distant customers. The app, which works on smartphones and tablets, permits you to select a mannequin and print it simply as you’d print a doc on a 2D printer.

The app enables you to retailer mannequin information (STLs) and slice them on the fly, turning them into fashions that a 3D printer can then print. When related to a suitable printer you can too activate prints and monitor them as they occur by way of webcam and notifications.

This far solely Makerbot has executed a great job of telephone-based mostly printer management which opens a large avenue for apps like this one. Write the creators:

Sharebox3D has a full compatibility with each 3D printer that makes use of a Marlin firmware: this lets you work with nearly all of 3D printers available on the market (like Ultimaker, Printrbot, Leapfrog, Prusa, Robo3D, Solidoodle, Witbox). Sharebox3D can be utilized with a number of totally different slicing softwares (each open supply and professional) like Slic3r, Cura, Simplify3D and Replicator G.

Sharebox3D Lets You Share 3D Printers With Friends, Family, Enemies The staff is in search of $60,000 in funding and has hit about $1,500 to date. It’s an fascinating device that could possibly be value a couple of bucks when you’ve got a Marlin-type printer and the will to regulate it whereas lounging on the seashore. You would even share your printers with customers close by who can then use it to print countless deformed Yoda heads, the equal of a Print Store “Completely satisfied Birthday” banner for the 3D age.