Scientists spot runaway galaxies

Scientists spot runaway galaxies

It is nicely established that runaway stars and planets are a cosmic actuality, however runaway galaxies? Sure, amazingly sufficient, these exist. Scientists have found a minimum of eleven galaxies shifting so shortly (as much as 6 million miles per hour) that they are escaping the gravitational tug of their host clusters. Almost certainly, these wayward celestial our bodies are the results of three-means interactions — a small elliptical galaxy tied to a bigger counterpart will fly off into area when one other huge galaxy will get shut sufficient. It might take a very long time earlier than astronomers have a greater sense of how widespread stray galaxies may be, nevertheless it’s already obvious that the universe is messy at its grandest scale.

[Image credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team]

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Scientists spot runaway galaxies

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