Scientists discover extra proof that Planet 9 exists

It took us virtually 50 years to get an in depth take a look at Pluto, so we expect it is protected to say humanity has to attend some time earlier than we will catch a glimpse of Planet 9. In truth, we nonetheless should show that it actually does exist. Mike Brown, who performed a key position within the downgrade of Pluto, has reported that there is new proof of a ninth planet. Brown and his colleague Konstantin Batygin inferred the celestial physique’s existence based mostly on the actions of a number of objects within the Kuiper Belt. Now, Brown tweeted a slide introduced by SETI that exhibits yet one more Kuiper Belt object whose motion is influenced by a big mass that could possibly be the mysterious planet.

The KPO was noticed by the Canada France Hawaii Telescope, which was observing the skies for the Outer Photo voltaic System Origins Survey. As you’ll be able to see within the slide under, the newly found KPO is orbiting close to the opposite objects Brown reported in January. He additionally stated that this new discovery “takes the chance of [Planet Nine] being a statistical fluke right down to ~.001%.” Scientists nonetheless have to seek out extra proof earlier than they will affirm that there is really one other large planet past Neptune orbiting the solar as soon as each 10,000 years or so. We simply hope no one suggests or agrees to call it Planet McPlanetface when astronomers affirm its existence.

Hey Planet 9 followers, a brand new eccentric KBO was found. And it’s precisely the place Planet 9 says it must be.

— Mike Brown (@plutokiller) March 24, 2016

Supply: Mike Brown
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