Robotic See, Robotic Do: This AI Learns by Watching YouTube Movies

When people need to discover ways to, say, make a sandwich, we frequently watch another person do it first after which imitate the actions ourselves. That could be how robots do it sooner or later as nicely, if analysis from DARPA and the College of Maryland pans out. The varsity’s roboticists have created a system that interprets primary actions seen in YouTube cooking movies to actual-life actions carried out by a Baxter humanoid robotic. No, Baxter is not fairly able to make you a risotto, however the system does reliably discern which device to make use of, how you can grip it, and what to do with it.

Robot See, Robot Do: This AI Learns by Watching YouTube VideosCollege of Maryland
Yiannis Aloimonos (middle), one of many UM researchers engaged on the robotics venture.

As an example, by watching a video of a prepare dinner brushing melted butter onto a corn cob, the robotic learns that it should maintain the comb in its left hand with a "energy grip" and the corn in a "precision grip," after which use the comb to carry out the motion "unfold" on the corn. The AI is already conscious of what all this stuff are, however it places collectively the how simply from watching the video — or maybe, sooner or later, watching you. Take a look at the UM paper (PDF) for extra element on what precisely the robotic sees and decides.



—Devin Coldewey
First revealed January 30 2015, 12:fifty six PM