RI-MAN, the mushy and cuddly robotic

RI-MAN, the soft and cuddly robot

With a Pillsbury Doughboy pucker positive to please any granny, RI-MAN is the newest way of life-help robotic destined to look after Japan’s aged. The 5-foot 2-inch, 220-pound RI-MAN options plush arms and chest perched atop a wheeled base. A 5-milimeter layer of sentimental silicone covers 320 strain sensors jacketing a lot of the higher physique together with the face, arms, and chest. This enables it to carry out such delicate work as lifting perplexed sufferers into its arms the place presumably it can whisper little “coo-coo” sounds previous to crushing its sufferer right into a liquid gasoline beverage – which in fact all robots will do as soon as they acquire consciousness, proper?

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