Researchers say treadmill desks make you smarter

Researchers say treadmill desks make you smarter

Each week, a gaggle of scientists publish a research that arrives at a ker-azy, headline-grabbing conclusion. Sadly, it is easy to only report on these research as in the event that they have been handed down as fact by St. Albert, the patron saint of scientists. That is why we should always take this Canadian research, revealed in Computer systems in Human Conduct, with an compulsory pinch of salt. In accordance with its conclusions, you see, individuals who work at a treadmill desk aren’t solely more healthy, however are additionally considerably smarter.

The check concerned 18 college students from the Montreal space, of which 9 have been requested to learn some textual content and reply dummy emails sat down, whereas the rest did the identical whereas utilizing a treadmill desk. After a ten minute break, the individuals have been then wired as much as an EEG machine and requested true-or-false questions concerning the textual content and emails that they have been meant to be studying.

The researchers discovered that the treadmill desk group have been 34.9 % extra more likely to reply a query appropriately than the sitting counterparts. The walkers additionally believed themselves to be paying extra consideration to their work, and the EEGs demonstrated that the group was displaying extra indicators of attentiveness and higher reminiscence retention in comparison with their static comrades.

However does this research inform us something about our personal working environments? As you realize, this Engadget editor has waxed lyrical concerning the advantages of standing desks earlier than, and we have coated the subject fairly extensively. The bodily well being advantages are clear, however we’re unsure you might take a replica of this research to your boss to demand they fork out the $1,000 simply to enhance your mind efficiency by a 3rd. In any case, that is why there is a free espresso machine out within the corridor.

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Researchers say treadmill desks make you smarter

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