Razer reveals the primary video games for its VR developer package

Razer reveals the first games for its VR developer kit

Razer and the OSVR alliance have been engaged on their developer-prepared VR headset for some time, however they have not stated a lot about what you will play on this early hardware. That is a bit odd for know-how that revolves round gaming, do not you assume? By no means to worry, although, as the primary video games have arrived for OSVR’s Hacker Improvement Package. They’re principally what you’d anticipate for a SteamVR-suitable system: a pair of Valve classics (Half-Life 2 and Workforce Fortress 2), a well-liked spaceflight recreation (Elite: Harmful) and a racing title (Reside for Velocity). About the one outlier is Spermination, a shooter that is about as odd as its identify suggests.

The preliminary catalog is not going to reassure you that your $300 headset buy was a sensible concept. That is not likely the purpose, although. That is extra about getting a really feel for what OSVR can do than anything. The social gathering actually begins if and when OSVR hits the mainstream, and SteamVR video games are comparatively widespread.