Qualcomm must get into servers after conquering the mobile world

Qualcomm wants to get into servers after conquering the mobile world

Qualcomm is sitting pretty correct now. Its Snapdragon processors and cellular chips are present in a variety of the large-determine mobile models you’ll want to use right now, whether or not or not it’s the Nexus 6 or the iPhone. However, the company just isn’t content material materials to stop there — it merely confirmed plans to launch its private line of server processors. CEO Steve Mollenkopf is just not offering many particulars merely however, however it won’t shock you to take heed to that these heavy obligation CPUs might be ARM-based like their mobile counterparts. There isn’t any timing however, each, although the exec offers that his company is already “engaged with shoppers.”

As with current server chips from AMD and HP, Qualcomm is trying to assault Intel the place it’s weakest: power consumption. Whereas Xeon chips are typically very fast, their sheer thirst for energy limits what variety of you want to use and thus how versatile you possibly can be. ARM is just not as quick, nevertheless it is extra setting pleasant. You probably can stuff plenty of of CPUs proper right into a small space in its place of just a few, supplying you with much more freedom to juggle various duties immediately. Mollenkopf sees his agency’s future parts being helpful for net giants like Fb, which could tweak their information amenities to cope with very specific duties. There is no telling whether or not or not or not Qualcomm will dominate the server world favor it did your pocket, however it is undoubtedly going to make Intel nervous.

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