Pricey Veronica: Going old-fashioned with recreation emulators!

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Dear Veronica: Going old school with game emulators!

I can not consider it is already been 20 episodes! You guys have been superior about sending in questions, so thanks. However sufficient sentimental stuff, let’s get to the questions!

First up, we take a look at your responses from our current emoji ballot on audiobooks vs. studying. You had some ideas on this one, like this tweet from John:

@engadget #dearveronica I did not see place to remark? However need to say the issue with audiobooks is cannot cease & take into consideration what u learn

— John Upton (@jwareup) October eight, 2015

Don’t be concerned John, you are commenting in the proper place. Although I’ve to disagree, I feel the pause button could be put to wonderful use in that state of affairs!

We additionally had an awesome query from Chris by way of e mail about trendy-day online game emulators, which is answered by Engadget editor Tim Seppala. I additionally deal with some inquiries about podcasting on Spotify, and the best way to make your old fashioned iMac run at tolerable speeds.

Thanks for watching, and ensure to maintain sending these questions in for future episodes, both by way of e mail or on social media with the hashtag #DearVeronica.

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