Pirates hacked a delivery agency to seek out boats to raid

Pirates hacked a shipping firm to find boats to raid

AP Photograph/Farah Abdi Warsameh

Seaborne pirates simply borrowed a web page from their land-based mostly counterparts. A Verizon safety report has revealed that raiders hacked a delivery firm’s content material administration system to find out which ships have been value boarding, and the place the precious cargo was situated. They not solely knew when to launch a raid, however the actual crates they needed to pry open — they might get in, steal the cargo they need and depart with out the danger of a days-lengthy, Captain Philips-fashion hostage state of affairs.

On this case, the pirates nonetheless had so much to study hacking. They did not encrypt their instructions or use proxies, making it straightforward to hint their actions. Additionally they weren’t expert sufficient to compromise techniques as a lot as they needed. Nevertheless, these tidbits aren’t about to consolation different delivery corporations. If there is a pirate outfit that is each properly-armed and technically savvy, it might create havoc by plundering ships with comparatively little worry of getting caught.

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