Part One launches a real 100MP medium format digital camera

Phase One launches a true 100MP medium format camera

Taking medium format pictures above 60 megapixels has sometimes required some trickery, like capturing a number of footage at a time. Nevertheless, you will not should ‘cheat’ with Part One’s new XF 100MP digital camera system. Because the identify suggests, the hardware makes use of a full-fledged one hundred-megapixel CMOS sensor (co-developed with Sony) that captures an enormous quantity of element in a single shot. Furthermore, the output might be extra more likely to please you should you nonetheless favor movie. That is the primary CMOS sensor to output richer sixteen-bit shade, and Part One is promising a pure look that you simply typically miss from 14-bit cameras. You do not have to shoot in good lighting, both, because it produces “clear” photographs from ISO 50 all the best way to ISO 12,800.

The XF 100MP is delivery now, though it isn’t a trivial buy even for execs used to capturing with Hasselblads and Leafs. At $forty eight,990, that is actually for prime-tier, no-compromise photographers that need to protect each single element. Even so, you could respect the distinction the subsequent time you see an in depth-up portrait or dramatic panorama in advertisements and magazines.