One-yr timelapse video of the solar exhibits its dancing corona

One-year timelapse video of the sun shows its dancing corona

NASA Goddard

NASA’s Photo voltaic Dynamics Observatory was solely designed to fly for 5 years, however it has celebrated six years of 24/7 photo voltaic remark on February eleventh. The ultraHD video under the fold is a timelapse that stitches collectively pictures the spacecraft captured throughout that sixth yr, from January 1st, 2015 to January twenty eighth, 2016. Since every body represents two hours and the pictures have been taken in excessive ultraviolet vary, you’ll be able to clearly see the solar’s corona dancing and undulating all through the video.

Excessive ultraviolet is usually utilized in photo voltaic imaging. Pictures taken in that wavelength exhibits elements of the corona — the aura of plasma that surrounds the solar — burning at round 1,079,540 levels F. As Paris Hilton used to say: that is scorching. In addition to the undulating plasma, you may also discover that the solar will get greater and smaller ever so barely within the video. That is as a result of SDO takes photographs from numerous distances because it orbits the Earth.

NASA despatched out SDO to watch the solar so as to higher perceive its electromagnetic system and photo voltaic phenomena like flares and coronal mass ejections. CMEs, particularly, may cause geomagnetic storms that may disable satellites and even energy grids.

Supply: NASA