Okay-MAX unmanned chopper delivers Air Drive salute to Afghan hazard (video)

K-MAX unmanned chopper delivers Air Force salute to Afghan danger (video)

It is a yr since Lockheed Martin gained the contract to offer an unmanned cargo supply system to the US army and now its first Okay-MAX helicopter is nearly prepared for obligation. The 6,000-pound RC chopper is scheduled to journey to the manifold fronts of Afghanistan subsequent month, the place it’s going to get busy ferrying its personal body weight in ammo and provides to needy anthills as much as 200km away. And, if issues get too sticky for laptop computer flying, there’s all the time room for a courageous soul to leap in there and seize the controls. You will discover a recent demo video after the break, plus we have additionally caught in that fancy clip from final yr to rotor your reminiscence.

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