Oculus provides Kickstarter backers the completed Rift totally free

Oculus gives Kickstarter backers the finished Rift for free

Typically, it pays to be an early adopter. Oculus simply revealed that it is handing out free Kickstarter Editions of the completed Rift headset to everybody who pledged sufficient cash to get the event package in the course of the unique crowdfunding drive. Sure, you heard that proper — you will not should pre-order the finished digital actuality goggles for those who have been wanting to get a prototype in 2012. The hardware ships with the copies of Eve: Valkyrie and Fortunate’s Story that common clients get, too.

The giveaway is a kindness, nevertheless it’s probably additionally strategic. In any case, the hundreds of people that paid for improvement kits are virtually definitely followers of VR three years later. A free headset is a small worth to pay for Oculus when no less than a few of these individuals are going to extol the Rift’s virtues and get others in on the motion. Nonetheless, it is arduous to knock the gesture an excessive amount of. It isn’t typically that an formidable crowdfunding venture not solely meets its objectives, however does so nicely that it may well afford to bathe its most trustworthy supporters with additional rewards.