New VR recreation enables you to be the bullet

New VR game lets you be the bullet

Keep in mind Superhot? It allow you to dodge bullets by controlling time à la The Matrix, however a brand new VR recreation takes that premise even farther by making you the bullet. Drift is a recreation for Samsung’s Gear VR, developed by a pair of programmers in the course of the course of Oculus’ Cellular VR Jam. The thought is fairly easy: after a bullet is fired from a gun, your viewpoint modifications to its trajectory. Time is significantly slowed down and you may alter the bullet’s path by wanting left or proper. You progress across the weird orange setting previous the crash check dummy-like characters till you notice your goal: the inexperienced man.

It reminds us a little bit of the long-lasting intro to Lord of Conflict, which tracks a bullet from fabrication to kill. Drift is extra of a gangster tackle the thought, and allows you to refine your search utilizing purple “trails” left behind from earlier failed makes an attempt. Gamers also can search bonuses to unlock achievements and get improved sluggish movement management. The builders selected the orange and white LoFi look to go well with the cellular constraints of the Gear VR, however advised Polygon they’re contemplating an Oculus VR PC model with higher high quality. They plan to increase the thought with new environments “to make a extra full and difficult expertise,” however for those who occur to have a Gear VR, you possibly can check out the beta proper now.

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New VR game lets you be the bullet

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