New lunar maps allow you to discover the moon out of your sofa

New lunar maps let you explore the moon from your couch

The prevailing lunar maps utilized by the US Geological Survey are two years older than I’m. However because of the tireless efforts of NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), Earthbound astronomers can rise up shut and private with our planet’s Gilligan like by no means earlier than.

“These maps have been designed to assist each the general public and scientists perceive the general look and topography of the moon,” USGS officers wrote in a press release. With them customers can discover each sq. meter of the moon’s floor, poke round its quite a few craters and even use them as a reference information whereas stargazing.

The LRO’s broad angle digital camera has been snapping excessive-decision pictures since 2009, photographs which have already revolutionized our understanding of the moon’s geography and historical past. “Excessive-decision pictures have revealed very younger lunar volcanoes 10 to one hundred million years previous, opposite to standard knowledge, which means that lunar volcanism ceased between one and two billion years in the past,” LRO Digital camera principal investigator Mark Robinson stated within the assertion. You’ll be able to see the pictures for your self over at the USGS web site.