Navy’s ‘Silent NEMO’ Robotic Fish Spies From the Sea

It is a shark! In… a wetsuit? The Navy’s newest unmanned car is the seagoing GhostSwimmer, which seems to be and swims like a big fish. However in contrast to actual fish, this one is kitted out for "low-visibility intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions" like inspecting shores for enemies or pleasant hulls for injury. Developed for a Navy speedy innovation challenge referred to as Silent NEMO, GhostSwimmer weighs about one hundred kilos and is 5 ft lengthy.

Navy's 'Silent NEMO' Robot Fish Spies From the SeaMC3 Edward Guttierrez III / U.S. Navy / MC3 Edward Guttierrez III
GhostSwimmer being examined in waters off Virginia Seashore.

"It swims identical to a fish does, by oscillating its tail forwards and backwards," stated Michael Rufo, director of Boston Engineering, which started work on the car underneath a Navy grant means again in 2008. On the time, it was referred to as RoboTuna, however maybe the Navy felt GhostSwimmer was a extra appropriately imposing identify. It is meant to take over for divers and sailors who would in any other case should go well with up and exit themselves, very similar to UAVs have changed many manned recon flights. The group has been testing its efficiency in numerous tides, currents and climate circumstances, however there are not any plans to deploy the underwater drone simply but.



—Devin Coldewey
First revealed December 12 2014, four:29 PM