NASA's subsequent area telescope sees one hundred occasions greater than Hubble

NASA's next space telescope sees 100 times more than Hubble

NASA/GSFC/Conceptual Picture Lab

As a lot because the Hubble Area Telescope has accomplished to shine a light-weight on the darkest corners of the universe, it does not maintain a candle to what’s coming subsequent. NASA has began work on WFIRST (Broad Subject Infrared Survey Telescope), an area observatory with a subject of view one hundred occasions bigger than that of Hubble — if the previous telescope was a porthole, the brand new one is a big window. It is also designed to dam the glare of particular person stars, making it simpler to find out the chemical make-up of exoplanets.

You are going to have to attend some time to see something. WFIRST will not even launch till the mid-2020s, so the circa-2018 James Webb telescope might be nearly as good because it will get for some time. When it does get going, nevertheless, it’s going to present a extra complete view of area that won’t solely detect extra alien worlds, however enhance our understanding of the universe’s form. It’s going to additionally present extra insights into the natures of darkish power and darkish matter, probably fixing mysteries which have existed for many years.

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