NASA’s drought-predicting satellite tv for pc is nearly prepared to start work

NASA's drought-predicting satellite is almost ready to begin work

In line with environmentalist Lester Brown, droughts are going to be more and more prevalent over the subsequent few years. On the similar time that he was making these claims, nevertheless, NASA was activating a spacecraft that it is hoped will do one thing about that. The Soil Moisture Lively Passive (SMAP) satellite tv for pc is designed to orbit the Earth, measuring international moisture ranges in soil.

With that knowledge, the company expects to foretell what areas are on the highest danger of each droughts and flooding. Now that SMAP has unfurled its 20-foot-large dome antenna, scientists on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will spend the subsequent few days checking if the hardware is able to start its three-yr mission. If all goes properly, then the craft will be capable of snap 620 mile slices of the Earth for every scan it takes. These with lengthy reminiscences will recall that Europe’s area company has a comparable venture, SMOS, which just lately celebrated its fifth birthday maintaining a tally of the planet’s hydration.

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