NASA delays ‘seize the asteroid’ plan till subsequent yr

NASA delays 'capture the asteroid' plan until next year

Now that the ESA has landed on a comet, NASA needs to do them one higher: seize a whole asteroid (or a bit of 1) and put it in orbit across the moon in 2019. The area company was set to announce which type the Asteroid Redirect Mission would take, however has now postpone the choice till subsequent yr. Choice A concerned capturing a whole meteorite about 30 ft throughout, whereas choice B would see them touchdown on bigger goal, Philae-fashion, and digging out a boulder-sized chunk (see the video under). In each instances, the rock would then be towed again to the moon and positioned in orbit there. Astronauts launching from the upcoming Area Launch System (SLS) in an Orion capsule might then intercept the orbiting meteorite 2020, retrieve samples and return to Earth.

Which may sound like a basic “what might probably go incorrect?” concept, however the chosen rock can be far too small to harm the Earth. Somewhat, the mission would assist scientists work out how one can defend our planet from meteorites, whereas studying extra about their composition and getting ready for deep area missions — particularly, the deliberate mission to Mars. NASA postpone the choice as a result of it is nonetheless torn about choice B. Whereas it is clearly extra complicated than choice A, NASA additionally feels it might study much more expertise that may assistance on a Mars mission. Both means, it stated the delay within the choice should not have an effect on the 2019 launch date.

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NASA delays 'capture the asteroid' plan until next year

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