MIT’s Zipperbots Might be Coming to a Fly Close to You

MIT’s Private Robots Group has created a tiny mechanized zipper that zips itself — excellent news for the absent-minded amongst us who overlook at times, but in addition for disabled individuals and any state of affairs the place guide zipping could be troublesome. It might, for instance, assist paraplegics and a number of amputees gown themselves. And for anybody , why not a push-button tent flap or duffel bag opener?

It is a part of the Sartorial Robotics effort at MIT, aimed toward creating "robotic methods that make the most of the human-centric system of clothes to create robotics for human-robotic social interplay." In different phrases, cyberclothes.

The Zipperbot continues to be simply an experiment, however the researchers hope it signifies a future by which robotics and "uniquely human pursuits" like clothes merge and increase each other. The Sartorial Robotics group has additionally created, amongst different issues, the artsy, one-off "Unique Machines" and a gaggle of performing "Operabots."



—Devin Coldewey
First revealed February 6 2015, three:fifty eight PM