Micromuscle makes microrobots that may reside inside you

Micromuscle makes microrobots that can live inside you

Whereas synthetic muscle tissues stand poised to deliver a brand new world of tactility to touchable units, there’s nonetheless hope they could fulfill some greater, loftier objectives — like serving to to save lots of lives. That is a big a part of the place the analysis at Micromuscle is concentrated, making a collection of electroactive polymers that do spectacular issues when positioned beneath small voltages, altering form and even quantity as demonstrated within the Engineering TV clip embedded under. In it you possibly can see a couple of examples of this stuff folding into complicated, golden buildings on their very own accord, however the primary software appears to be issues like catheters that may steer themselves by way of the bloodstream, drug supply mechanisms that may deploy a number of substances on command, and even microscopic robots that may decide up tiny issues and transfer them tiny distances. You realize what this implies: robotic armageddon may truly begin from the inside.

[By way of Engineering TV]

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Micromuscle makes microrobots that can live inside you

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