Lumia 1020 KIRF swaps PureView digital camera for 'forty one-megaplxel' audio

You’d assume that the Lumia 1020’s forty one-megapixel digital camera and unibody design would deter clone makers — how do you even get near the actual factor? That hasn’t stopped an nameless Shenzhen firm from giving it a shot, nevertheless. As you’d anticipate, this try at keepin’ it actual pretend is nowhere close to as nicely-designed because the Nokia unique. It is housed in a crude two-piece shell and carries only a 2MP digital camera on the again. A lot of the rear hump is occupied by “forty one-megaplxel” audio system and an tried revival of Nokia’s XpressMusic badge. At the very least the Home windows Telephone-like Android launcher is extra convincing. We might advise towards spending $sixty nine on this knockoff for critical makes use of, though it’s your decision one for the novelty; now that Microsoft is shopping for Nokia’s system enterprise, it might the closest we get to an Android-based mostly Nokia telephone. Take a look at a second picture of the clone after the break.

Lumia 1020 KIRF swaps PureView camera for '41-megaplxel' audio