Lastly, a lithium battery that doesn't explode

Finally, a lithium battery that doesn't explode

When lithium-ion batteries overheat they broaden and on some events, erupt into flames. It is the rationale low-high quality hoverboards hold exploding and cannot be taken on flights. Fortunately Stanford researchers have created a Li Ion battery that shuts itself down when it overheats and turns itself again on when warmth ranges are at a protected degree.

Along with making rechargeable devices safer, the know-how will even prolong the lifetime of batteries that may have been broken by overheating.

To perform this the researchers created a skinny elastic movie with conductive spiky nickel particles that surrounds the battery. When a battery heats up it expands. When that occurs, the conductive metallic particles transfer away from one another and it shuts down the battery. Because the battery cools, the movie contracts and the nickel particles start to the touch once more, the battery turns again on.

If this polymer makes its method into all batteries, it’s going to reduce down on burns related to electronics that overheat. And naturally make these issues we calling hoverboards safer for Missy Elliot movies.

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