Internet Neutrality: FCC Chief Proposes Regulating Web Like a Utility

Proponents of "internet neutrality" scored a victory on Wednesday as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler introduced a proposal to reclassify Web service suppliers (ISPs) as widespread carriers. That may forestall ISPs from creating Web "quick lanes" for corporations and web sites prepared to pay for quicker supply of their content material. The proposal consists of three new guidelines meant to stop blocking and throttling knowledge on the idea of content material, and to cease "paid prioritization" from broadband suppliers that might "favor some lawful Web visitors over different lawful Web visitors."

The FCC proposal would reclassify broadband suppliers underneath Title II of the Communications Act and Part 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, making the Web extra like a public utility like fuel or electrical energy. It is presently regulated as an "info service." The FCC will vote on Wheeler’s proposal on Feb. 26 throughout an open assembly.



— Keith Wagstaff
First revealed February four 2015, eleven:forty six AM